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Passive-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode ("PMOLED") are a category of self-emissive displays that require no additional light source to the panel.  They are solid state devices and optimal in material usage.  Manufacturing  PMOLED technology is less labor intensive than similar LCD displays and is more automated.  PMOLED products focus on smaller size displays.  The product offerings are stable in production for industrial applications consideration.  

Passive-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode ("PMOLED") are a category of self-emissive displays.  Each pixel illuminates when active.  The device is considered passive matrix when the display logic and power are multiplexed through a common driver.  The display will cycle the drive voltage to refresh the content.  PMOLED is an excellent solution for small form factor displays with moderate resolutions.  Scaling PMOLED designs to large sizes can be complicated by efficiency and the voltages allowable for the organic materials.  This technology will remain focused on sizes from under 1" diagonal 3" diagonal primarily due to the resolutions allowable.  Sizes over 3" are possible, but may appear more pixelated to manage duty cycles and resolution limitations.  

PMOLED displays are offered in monochromatic single-color emissive formats and full-color RGB stripe configurations.   The displays thrive in low and typical ambient lighting, but for direct sunlight applications this is a subjective feedback by application.  The displays are all solid state and can handle temperature fluctuations without impact to performance.  The displays thrive in low temperature applications.  Higher temperature applications, the displays are similar to LCD technology offerings in specfiication.  Prolonged high-temperature usage may be determental to the overall usage life of the display since the P-N materails will break down at a faster rate when operating in higher temperatures in the displays specified range.  

Like all organic light emitting technology, the color saturation and contrast is unrivaled in LCD technologies.  This technology is virtually without viewing angle limitations to use in all orientations and is viewable from extreme angles.  Full customization of PMOLED displays are possible subject to one-time tooling expenditures and may result also in minimum order quantities for a unique design.   Feasibility of the requested design would be required and help define these tooling expenses and minimums.   Minor modifications such as flex tail length are less strict for order quantities and tooling costs are reasonable affordable.  

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