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Touch Panels

(Resistive, Surface Capacitive, and Projected Capacitive). 

Digital Pixel Displays is a manufacturer of resistive and capacitive touch interfaces.  Sizes from 1" to 55" touch sensors for portable devices to large touch monitors and kiosks. We are vertically-integrated to manufacture surface and projective capacitive touch surfaces, mulit-wire resistive touch screens, and are focusing our R&D on next-generation solutions including non-contact gesture detection, haptic feedback touch, and industry-specific innovations for industrial touch screen usage.

Resisitive Touch Panel Technologies

  • Sizes up to 55" diagonal
  • 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire Resisitve Touch
  • Transmittance at or above 80%
  • Surface Hardness at or above 3H rating.
  • Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer rated capabilities
  • 504H Environmental Testing of Touch Solutions
  • AR & AG Treated Coatings
  • Inactive Area Masking
  • Some support for specialty substrates and construction

Capacitive Touch Panel Technologies

  • Support for multiple substrates and capacitive structures (P+G, G+G, G+F+F, G+F).  SITO and DITO construction.
  • Single and Multi-Touch simultaneous detection
  • Sizes up to 42" diagonal
  • Customizaton of cover lenses including chemically-strengthened and tempered glass, inactive area masking and printing, custom shaping and CNC cutting.
  • Surface Treatments including Anit-Glare, Anti-Reflective, and Anti-Smudge
  • High-Precision position detection, EMI, and EMC design capabilities.
PictureProduct CodeProduct NameTouch TechnologyTouch Connection Type
DPD-0700-4R32-S3DPD-0700-4R32-S34-wire ResistiveConnector-compatible Flex
DPD-1500-SC33-S3DPD-1500-SC33-S3Surface CapacitiveConnector-compatible Flex
DPD-1500-ILI2511S-PC35-S3DPD-1500-ILI2511S-PC35-S3Projective CapacitiveConnector
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