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Digital Pixel Displays a U.S. based user-interface manufacturer. We feature displays, touch panels, gesture detection, front-facing camera integration, full embedded computers, open frame interface, and even fully enclosed interface designs.  Our local USA team of project coordinators, engineers, customer service, accounting, and management strive to provide professional, friendly, and quality supply and support.

Our team focuses on specialty experience and knowledge in user-interface design elements as an essential resource.  The expansion of IoT and connected devices will continue to challenge electronic hardware manufacturers to keep pace, and we are here as your partner for this task.  We work closely with customer requirements and goals, contribute our practical guidance and knowledge, and help deliver solutions.  Our capabilities include off-the-shelf options all the way to full custom designs built-to-design.      



Surface Capacitive Touchscreens
Digital Pixel Displays is now featuring surface capacitive touchscreen technology. Established designs are available, and fully customized configurations. This technology is ideal for single point, high-usage, and cost-sensitive applications like gaming, point-of-sale, and other information kiosk designs.
New 6.01" AMOLED Display
Digital Pixel Displays is proud to share our latest Wide-Full HD AMOLED Display. The display is featuring a super high-resolution 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution.
DPD Has Moved.
Digital Pixel Displays has moved our HQ to downtown Orlando. Our team is now located at 111 North Orange Ave, Suite 800, Orlando, FL . Due to COVID19 restrictions and our corporate policies, please call us in advance for coming to see us in person though.