Digital Pixel Displays is a USA-based user-interface design and manufacturing company.  Manufacturing operations are based in China.  We feature displays, touch panels, gesture detection, front-facing camera integration, full embedded computers, open frame interface, and even fully enclosed interface designs.   

Touch Capabilties include 4-wire / 5-wire / 8-wire resistive, Surface Capacitive, Haptic Touch, Projective Capacitive, Single and Multi-Touch.  We are leaders in some of the most challenging automotive and highly industrial designs.  The latest innovations will include hands-free and no-contact gesture detecting solutions, proximity sensing, and other sensing solutions to meet the always-changing market.

Display Capabilities include TN, STN, bi-stable LCD, OLED, AMOLED, TN TFT, IPS TFT, MVA TFT.  Our scope of display modules are from sub-1 inch to 15" diagonal, with open frame solutions from 4.3" to 15", and large signage solutions from 30" and larger for indoor and outdoor requirements.  

Integrated Solutions include open-frame monitors, enclosed monitors, small-board computer integration, HDMI/VGA/DVI conversion boards, backlight drivers, touch panel controllers, screen protection and cover glass lenses, and full embedded computer solutions.  We have specific capabilities for industries like digital signage and display walls for indoor and outdoor environements.  

Our Value

Our local USA team of project coordinators, engineers, customer service, accounting, and management strive to provide professional, friendly, and quality supply and support.   

Our Mission

We work closely with customer requirements and goals, contribute our practical guidance and knowledge, and help deliver solutions.

Our Team

Our team focuses on specialty experience and knowledge in user-interface design elements as an essential resource.